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Parevi Duwa

The island of Sri Lanka is a mystical land with a history that is mysterious and laden with ancient wonders. The island is filled with various ancient temples and shrines, some in ruins, others in various states of preservation. There is however one temple that is not ancient, but is still popular simply due to its unique nature. Such is the Paravi Duwa Temple located on the southernmost town of Matara.

Despite the many wonders in store in and around the Southern coastal town of Matara, perhaps the most awe-inspiring is the Paravi Duwa Buddhist Temple. The temple is not an ancient one, and in fact it was built quite recently. The temple is situated on a tiny off-shore islet known as ‘Pigeon Island’, and is reached through a scenic foot-bridge that was recently replaced after the original one was destroyed by the 2004 Tsunami.

Star Fort

The Star Fort is a fort in Matara, Sri Lanka, located on the eastern bank of the Nilwala River, approximately 350 meters (1,150 ft) from the gate to the Matara fort. It was constructed by the Dutch in 1765, and was originally called Redoute Van Eck.

In 1640 the Dutch completed the main fort at Matara but found it to be vulnerable from attacks coming from land. In 1762 Singhalese forces backed by Kandyan Kingdom attacked and took control of the fort. In 1763 the Dutch regained control of the fort and that year commenced construction of another smaller fort on the east bank of the Nilwala River, in order to protect the main fort from attacks originating from the river.

Polhena Beach

The best beach in the area is a small sandy cove that’s sheltered by a reef offshore. There’s good snorkelling in the bay, and though visibility is not that great, turtles are very regularly spotted here. It’s popular with locals at weekends who rent goofy inflatable toys and frolic in the surf, but it’s usually quiet on weekdays.

Weherahena temple

Weherahena ( Veherahena) is popular temple among the buddhist pilgrims and Well-known temple on three acres featuring a huge statue of Buddha & tunnels filled with paintings.Although there is nothing of historical significance, the story of the temple is quite interesting. In addition, the temple is said be the largest and the first tunnel temple in the world.

The shrine of Our Lady of Matara

Shrine of Our Lady of Matara is a Roman Catholic Church devoted to the Virgin Mary, in the town of Matara, Sri Lanka. The shrine houses a famous miraculous statue of the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus. Though the statue’s origins are unknown, church officials claim that it is 400 years old. The statue has been damaged, lost and recovered more than once, most recently during the 2004 tsunami in Asia